Roofing Services

Great Canadian is proud to offer roofing in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Red Deer with a 5-year workmanship guarantee on re-roofing jobs.

Getting a Roofing Evaluation in Red Deer, Edmonton, Calgary or Saskatoon

When you’re looking for roofing services in roofing in Edmonton or Saskatoon, it’s important to get a thorough evaluation of your roofing needs. If you choose Great Canadian, we will check the attic insulation to make sure it’s thick enough to regulate the temperature in your home, and examine ventilation to ensure mould and mildew won’t grow and damage the underside of your roof.

A complete evaluation of your roof will catch even minor problems, so they can be fixed before they get worse. If your roof needs repairs, visit our Roofing Repairs page for more information.
Choosing Your Roofing Material

When it comes to getting a great roof, you want the right materials for the job. At Great Canadian, we specialize in asphalt, metal, concrete tile, and cedar. Here’s what you need to know about each type.

Asphalt – Durable and economical, asphalt will come in 3-tab and architectural styles.
Metal – These roofs have several benefits: they are low maintenance, durable, fire retardant, lightweight, and energy efficient.
Concrete tile – Low maintenance, longevity, and resistance to insects and rot make these tiles a good choice.
Cedar – The warmth and elegance of cedar shakes or shingles set them apart. They also resist decay and can handle the freeze/thaw cycles of Canadian weather.

Don’t Put Off That Roofing Job

Whether you’re hunting for a company that can make some small repairs for you, or you need someone who can handle a big commercial or residential job, we can meet your Red Deer roofing needs. Contact us and have your roof evaluated by Great Canadian or stop by one of our locations.