Windows And Doors

Edmonton & Calgary Windows & Doors

Your windows and doors in your Alberta or Saskatchewan home home are more important than you may think. They can add value to your home or office and save you money on your utility bills. At Great Canadian, we can help you determine which materials are the most suitable for your windows and doors in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Red Deer.
Brighten the Room with the Right Window

Your choices for windows include:

Vinyl Windows – Whether you have a new home or you are considering renovating, you might want to add vinyl windows. They resist rotting from moisture, are easy to maintain, and are more energy efficient. Since vinyl windows are custom built, they are guaranteed to fit your home or office.
Wood Windows – Many homeowners prefer the look of wood windows for their home as they tend to add more character. Wood windows may be more costly to maintain, since they require regular painting. However, they do provide a distinctive look to your home or office.

We provide windows in two materials:

Low-E is a product applied to the glass in the windows to make them more energy efficient. Our sales reps can explain more to you and help you understand the different options for different areas of the building that may be more or less exposed to the sun.
Argon gas is often also found in new energy efficient windows. Argon is used to increase the R-value of the windows allowing less heat to transfer out of your structure. When combined with Low-E this helps to create a much more energy efficient window than one without these products. Ask your sales rep how you can get your windows to include argon gas and increase your energy efficiency!

At Great Canadian, we have a team of experienced professionals who will evaluate your home or office and recommend the most suitable windows in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary or Saskatoon. We’ll evaluate all environmental conditions, including sunny areas or shady spots, which may have an impact on how well your windows hold up.

Choose a Door to Make Your Space Inviting

Doors are often considered the “centrepiece” of your home. In most cases, they are the first thing your visitors see when they come to your home. By adding a new door, you will see the following benefits in your home:

  • Security – Block out any threats to your home or family with a strong, sturdy door.
  • Attractiveness – The right door can add “curb appeal” to your home, which will impress the neighbours and get you more home value.
  • Energy Efficiency – Doors keep your home protected from the elements. They will reduce your energy bills by keeping extreme temperatures out.
  • Sound-Proof – Our windows and doors won’t just keep intruders and unwanted temperatures out; they’ll also keep sound out! Don’t let rowdy neighbours keep you up all night; choose Great Canadian to update your home with sound-proof windows and doors.

At Great Canadian, we understand that replacing your windows and doors in Calgary is an investment in the value of your home or office building. Our well-trained installation professionals will always find the right product to meet your needs. For more information about purchasing or installing windows and doors in your Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatoon home, contact us today or visit one of our locations.