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Your windows can affect the overall look and feel of your home. When choosing new or replacement windows for your home, you should take into account how well your windows work with the architecture of your home and your budget.


The style of the windows you choose has a lot to do with the style of your home.

If you have a traditional or colonial home, you might want to choose windows with window pane grids (also called divided light panes). The most common option is six-paned glass.

Craftsman style homes can also feature divided light panes, but the style generally includes just two panes in the top sash of the window with a full window at the bottom sash. The less complicated line pattern works well with the thick beams and natural stones in craftsman homes.

A cottage or farmhouse-inspired home typically uses double-hung windows (or windows that open by sliding the bottom pane up). You can have multiple divided light panels or a more complicated grid.

Tudor or old world homes tend to have more refined lines. You can choose a classy diamond-patterned window or the conventional six- or eight-paned divided light panels for a traditional feel.

Modern and contemporary homes should take advantage of large panels of glass. Avoid divided panels for a sleek, sophisticated look.

Your Budget

The most common materials in window frames are vinyl and wood.

Vinyl is a less expensive choice because it is made from a hardened plastic. It is also a practical choice because it requires very little maintenance and offers the same energy efficiency as wood. However, there tend to be less color choices, and vinyl might not work as well with more traditional house styles.

Wood is more expensive. It provides the best insulation against outdoor temperatures and can last a lifetime if made from good-quality wood. However, you run the potential of developing rot in humid climates and wood requires repainting every few years.

Many people think that buying a double-paned window is too much for their budgets, but these types of windows actually help you save money on your monthly utility payment. The best insulation is provided by double pane windows with low-E gas and a vacuum-sealed argon fill. The gas between the panes provides a quality insulation that shields your home from outdoor heat and cold. The extra cost for these upgrades is about $40 per window, but its well worth the extra cost.

Find Your Windows

If you have any questions about how our windows work with your home and budget, contact a representative today. We can answer all your window-related questions. Our primary supplier is Edmonton based All Weather windows.

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